Wild, But Styled

By Party Games Box

Are you hosting a hens party and need some hens party games inspiration?

How about a box of hilarious and fun hens or bachelorette party games delivered direct to your door?

The amusing and exhilarating hens party games included in “Wild, Yet Styled” are:

  1. Good as Gold - Wedding anniversaries are so special and sentimental...
  2. The Mystery of History - Intriguing wedding facts - can you guess which one is true?
  3. Music to your ears - Love songs till midnight?  Not quite - how many will you recognise? 
  4. Twerk It - Twerk it every which way to spill out your balls from their box.
  5. POP My Cherry - If people don't know each other, they will by the end of this hilarious group relay.

This party box has the perfect mix of hens party games for testing your brain power and ability to move.

Does anyone in your group have a hidden talent for twerking?  You might just be surprised! 

Hopefully your group won’t be shy at getting a bit up close and personal with each other for one of the most hilarious party games out there. 
We dare you to try it while keeping a straight face!

Compete against each other on your music knowledge and it will certainly help to have a grasp on history and wedding anniversary gifts.

There are games in this collection that will require:

  1. Access the internet - with speaker capability (e.g. mobile, laptop)
  2. An open space with plenty of room to move around comfortably.

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Or feel free to contact us to see how we could help with your next hens or bachelorette party.

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