The Bump Box

By Party Games Box

The entertaining games included in “The Bump Box” are:

  1. Tickle the Ovaries - Who can get their sperm the closest while blindfolded?
  2. The Long and Short of It - Yummy and challenging to rip the longest one. 
  3. My Water Broke - Who can break their waters first?
  4. Old-term Phrases - Common phrases or sayings but we only give you half.  How does it go again?
  5. Cat got your Tongue?  Act out your "baby" related words to your team. 

Are your eyes bigger than her belly? An eye for size will definitely come in handy for one of the games in this box. Showcase your acting skills to the group and find out if your performance is winner worthy before  making use of those hot hands to deliver a baby. See if you can make your mark with a blindfold, oh and did your grandparents ever tell you that you don’t listen enough? We hope not!

New Zealand $4.50 fixed rate, 
delivered within 4-5 working days.

Australia $9.50 fixed rate, 
delivered within 10-15 working days.