Tame but not Lame

By Party Games Box

Do you need baby shower party games ideas? Having a baby shower and need to entertain your guests?

The hilarious and fun baby shower party games included in “Tame but NOT Lame” are:

  1. Best Lookin’ Baby - How creative is everyone when it comes to playdough? 
  2. Are you my Mother? There are some cute names for baby animals!
  3. How well Versed are You? Common sayings, but can you guess what they are?
  4. Twist & Shout - Twist your tongue with Dr Seuss
  5. Ring A Bell? How many songs can you recognise with the word Baby? Have a listen.

    If you’re looking for some tame baby shower party games that don’t require a lot of physical movement but will keep you well entertained, this is the right box for you.

    ‘Who’s ya daddy’ doesn’t matter for this baby shower, it’s all about ‘who’s ya mummy’.

    Get back to your youth and have some fun with playdough before twisting your tongue with Dr Suess.

    A love of music will certainly come in handy and do you really remember all those nursery rhymes you were brought up on? Let’s see!

    Note:  Device is needed to access the internet - with speaker capability (e.g. mobile, laptop.

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