Pirate Paaarghty

By Party Games Box

Yo Ho Ho Maties!  Are you looking for some fun for your next kids’ birthday party?  Well shiver me timbers!  You’ve come to the right place! 

Our Pirate Paaarghty Box be full of treasures and ready-to-play pirate party games providing lots of fun for all the lasses and lassies (from only $16.15 per child).

The games inside be:

  1. X Marks the Spot (A1 colour poster, eyepatch blindfold, stickers for each child, bluetac, pirate themed prize, instructions);
  2. Pirate Bingo (Bingo card for each child, flash card with pictures, pirate stickers, pirate themed prize, instructions); 
  3. Kaboom goes the Balloon (balloons for each child, pirate themed group prize, instructions).  This is a game for outdoors/larger spaces; 
  4. Pass the Cannonball (Pirate themed music playlist, cannonball, pirate themed prize, instructions);
  5. Deserted Island (Pirate themed music playlist, islands, pirate themed prize, instructions).  

There be no extra shopping required. Once you’ve received your pirate party games box packed with ready-to-play games, simply open the box, get them kids playing and having some good ole fun.

For the pirate sea shanty music playlist, you will need internet access and a laptop/mobile phone to access the website and hit play! 

Games suitable for lass and lassies aged 5+

Will provide entertainment for approximately 1 – 1.5 hours