Life’s too short to be boring

By Party Games Box

The hilarious games included in “Life’s too Short to be Boring” are:


  1. Match made in Heaven - Which celebrity couples have stayed together through thick and thin?
  2. Porn or Polish?  There are some hilarious name out there, but which is which?
  3. Drawing your Attention - Group activity to draw and guess the Wedding related words
  4. Going Bananas -  Banana related relay game. 
  5. Chip off the Old Block - Just be silly and Pin the W*lly


It isn’t a hen’s party without some fun games and ice-breakers - included in this awesome box to keep you entertained.  Balance out that naughtiness with some great riddles and a drawing challenge, then have a crack at testing your celebrity knowledge.


New Zealand $4.50 fixed rate, 
delivered within 4-5 working days.

Australia $9.50 fixed rate, 
delivered within 10-15 working days.