Get Ready to Rumble

By Party Games Box

The tongue-and-cheek games included in “Get Ready to Rumble” are:

  1. Go Nuts! Press, squish and mould some playdough - but who can think outside the box?
  2. Back to the Drawing Board - Pin the sperm
  3. Game Plan - There's a lot to organise for the big day, but in what order? 
  4. Mental Floss - Wedding related fun facts - some may blow your mind, a great little conversation starter for those who don't know each other. 
  5. Ahead of the Game - group relay game you can getting into the swing of. 

If you’ve been told you are good with your hands, then you might just come out a winner with our Get Ready to Rumble box.  Can you fertilise an egg with your eyes closed? Let’s find out! Get your team over the finish line with some mind swirling movements and we hope you know a lot about weddings and what it takes to plan one.  This is a hen’s party after all!

One team game in this collection will require room to move around comfortably.

New Zealand $4.50 fixed rate, 
delivered within 4-5 working days.

Australia $9.50 fixed rate, 
delivered within 10-15 working days.