Don’t be Shy, Your Mother Wasn’t

By Party Games Box

The comical and entertaining games included in “Don’t be Shy, Your Mother Wasn’t” are:

  1. Wedding Crashers - Fill up the glasses for wine pong!
  2. Pairing Off - Lots of wedding traditions, but what do they mean? Great little conversation starter.
  3. Butcher’s Love Letter - everything "meat" related in an oh so romantic poem from the butcher. You fill in the gaps.  
  4. Put a Ring on It - a fun, competitive relay game passing the ring. 
  5. Balls Eye - Have some target practise, blindfolded with our pin the willy poster. 

Leave your shyness at the door with this fantastic and diverse set of games that are not for the fainthearted. Get involved with some teeth and mouth action (get your mind out of the gutter!) and see how many budding romance writers you have in the group with a love letter - with a twist. Oh, and we hope you have good aim, but hand-eye coordination will not do you any good.  Prepare to be bamboozled with wedding traditions and are you any good at beer pong? Try our ladies only version included in this exciting box!   

    An open space is required for one of the fantastic team games in this box. There should be enough space to move around comfortably with a place for each team to have as their home base such as a bench or table.


    New Zealand $4.50 fixed rate, 
    delivered within 4-5 working days.

    Australia $9.50 fixed rate, 
    delivered within 10-15 working days.