A Blast from the Past

By Party Games Box

When we were kids, our social network was called “outside” - none of this internet and phone stuff... right?

Our Blast from the Past kids party games box is bringing back the childhood nostalgia – kids will enjoy taking a step back into the 90’s with this box of classics (from $12.50 per child).

Games and contents included:

  • Pass-the parcel (parcel wrapped for your group size with a toy in each layer, themed musical playlist, instruction card) – everyone wins!
  • Egg and spoon race (eggs, spoons, instruction card, themed group prize) This is a game for outdoors or a larger space.
  • Pin the tail on the donkey (A1 colour poster, blindfold, tail stickers, bluetac, instruction card, themed prize)
  • Balloon Pop (balloons, instruction card, themed group prize)
  • Hot Potato (potato (not a real one…), themed musical playlist, instruction card, themed prize)

No extra shopping required. Once you’ve received your ready-to-play kids party games box, simply open the box, get those kids playing and having some good ole fun. 

For the music playlist, you will need internet access and a laptop/mobile phone to access the website and hit play!

Games suitable for ages 5+

Will provide entertainment for approximately 1 – 1.5 hours

A great box of games if you don't have a particular theme for your party.