Thank you so much to Juliet for her amazing customer service and helping me in deciding which hens doo box I wanted for our special night! The delivery was awesome and prompt and the box did not disappoint! In between the stripper and the day activities we had already planned this box was an awesome time-filler for the group! Informative, fun and heart-racing games! Was a lot of fun! 
I ordered the hens party box for two reasons - first, to outsource the work. A box filled with games, props and prizes - tick tick tick! 
But there was a second reason... in ordering the box, I could also laugh off the ‘naughty’ games as not being my own... it was all from the box! If you’ve ever organised a hens party before, you’ll know what I mean in striking the right balance of rude without being crude. How perfect, as an organiser,  to laugh it all off because someone else has come up with the ideas!
The box itself was perfect. We went for the Life’s Too Short To Be Boring option. Crowd-pleasing games, good props and fun prizes. I’d absolutely recommend this box to help you host a fun hens ‘do.
Our Pirate Paaarghty Box arrived today!! Thank you sooo much! I say thank you about your beautiful mind that has created something sooo perfect for me! As much as I love kids party I don’t look forward to organising.  Thanks to you, most of the stress is gone!


I bought the Christmas Crack-ups box, it was better than I expected and I was not disappointed, it absolutely reduced stress. We only managed to play 2 of the games, we ran out of time due to laughing too much and will make time to play all the games with others soon.

I previously organised a baby shower, but didn't want to spend too much money on decorations, favours and games and didn't want to ask people for money, but as it turns out, everything added up way more than I expected and was so much work. Best decision was purchasing one of your baby shower boxes for the latest party I organised. You offer value for money now that I know how much time and effort and money goes into organising a Baby Shower!

Jayde W

​Well worth the money. I couldn't have put that together myself and the prizes were awesome, everyone had a great time with lots of laughs.

Rachael T

Oh My gosh, Tame but not Lame was an AWESOME box of awesomeness! We didn't get through all of the games, but we had so much fun playing the three that we did. The games worked so well with our group, so thank you for making the organising so stress free, the product is definitely value for money - well all had so much fun and lots of laughs. Prizes were a real winner too - very much a talking point!.

Sarah Lawrence

This would have to be the most amazing product I have ever come across! I hate coming up with ideas as it takes so much time but you did it all for me – in a way I know I couldn’t have done myself. Very professionally presented in every way. We had so many laughs with the games – and the prizes. I was more than happy with how my friends Baby Shower went.

Robyn Floyd

I got so enthused about the box when I opened it – it was like a Xmas present. I didn’t have to think about anything. As you advertised, everything was there and everything was so different. Those prizes were a winner too.

Charlene Wiseman

I was frantically surfing the net and then I came across your website. FANTASTIC set of games – well worth it. We had a good age range at the party and everyone commented that the games were really different and they certainly left buzzing about it.

Sonya Grayson

I was so fortunate to hear about these boxes through a friend of mine and managed to get the "Get Ready to Rumble" box - it was awesome. We had so much fun and I will be your best advertiser as you gave me more than what I thought I would be getting. So once again, thank you for making my friend's Hens Night so successful.

Caroline Williams

I recently purchased the “Tame but not Lame” baby shower game box and loved it! I was pleasantly surprised when I first opened the box and saw how many goodies were inside. The games were so much fun and made the process stress free and easy for me. I will definitely be recommending party games box to anyone I know with a hen’s party/baby shower coming up!


Hurrah! The trial box of “Don’t be Shy, your Mother wasn’t” box was a winner. I was so excited when I opened the box. It was so colourful and full of fun goodies to give out to the girls. Love the concept of what you’ve done and glad that a friend gave me your details. Saved me time and again - the presentation was stunning. Thanks.

Sarah Bradley