What is included in each box?

We’re glad you asked!  All boxes are created equally BUT every box is unique, all include different games and prizes . We provide you with a mix of five individual and group activities, as well as awesome prizes for each game and a cute novelty pen for all guests - plus a tie breaker activity - in case of a mexican stand-off. 

What is not included in the boxes?

Access to the internet on your phone or laptop and speakers.
However please note wifi and speakers are only required for one particular game in each of the Baby and Hen's Party Boxes – and this will be noted in the product description.
Decorations are not included. 

How do I choose between the party boxes on offer?

It's like choosing chocolate, they're all so good! Our boxes have been all tried, tested and thoroughly enjoyed by people all over.  These exciting party boxes to choose from each have their own unique set of games. So when you do attend more than one Baby Shower or Hen's Night with the same group of friends, you'll be guaranteed variety. 
Basically, you can't go wrong - they are all hilarious with so much fun to be had.

Which boxes have 'Active' games and which ones have sit down and chill games?

Every box is constructed to have a mix of 'active' games that'll get your guests interacting and then lesser physical games that are super chill yet will get the group laughing. 
there are 2-3 of each in each box which provides a really great variety of entertainment.

Are these Party Boxes suitable for all age groups?

100% yes! Even grandma will love these games. We've designed our boxes to suit any party whether it’s for the youthful or the well lived. There is nothing crass, embarrassing or inappropriate in our boxes, but at the same time, we hope you and your guests have a wee bit of an open mind...

I’m hosting the games inside or in a smaller area. Would these games suit?

Yes, absolutely. We have designed our games to be flexible so they can be played inside or out, unless otherwise specified in the product description.

If I buy a box, and more people end up wanting to come, what do I do?

What a great problem to have! You'll need to order another of the same box you ordered originally and make sure to select the appropriate group number from the drop down menu when ordering. If it is early on and we havn't sent out your box - get in touch and we can arrange to change your order.

For the Baby Shower Party Boxes - are any of them gender specific?

Nope – this is only because we don’t want to limit your choice!  
If you know the gender, you could decorate your home or venue to suit.

Do you ship elsewhere other than New Zealand and Australia?

Yes! Please get in touch and we will find out shipping costs so you don’t miss out!

Will the instructions for each game be easy to follow?

Absolutely. These games have been tried and tested by a number of groups to ensure it’s easy for you as the host to follow the instructions and how to play.
However make sure you read through all of the games prior to the party to make sure you're familiar and comfortable with how to host and play them - if you can.

If my friends have purchased these boxes for previous parties, will we be getting the same games that everyone has played before?

Good question! And we're glad to let you know that no two boxes are the same, they're all made up of unique games. With no two boxes alike, you can grab another party box and be surprised with the games inside.  

Do you need everyone to participate in each game?

We've designed the games so they are suitable for everyone, but it’s up to the individuals whether they want to play. The more the merrier we say, but if people want to sit some games out, that’s completely fine.

I’m looking for something more R18 or X-rated, have I come to the right place?

We've made a conscious decision to construct our party boxes to appeal to a wide variety of guests. And with this in mind we wanted to ensure our party boxes are suitable for all ages and groups, this way there's less of a chance of offending anyone. 

What is your return policy?

Unfortunately, once the box is open, we cannot offer you a refund. If there was an issue with your box, please get in touch immediately and we will do our best to rectify the problem.