About Our Boxes

Tasked with organising a Hen’s Party or Baby Shower?

Overwhelmed thinking about food, drinks and of course – ENTERTAINMENT?

That’s where Party Games Box comes in.

We have the best selection of affordable and tasteful party games, in a variety of boxes.  Each box contains five games/activities - plus everything you will need to play them, to take with you wherever your party may be.

What you need to know about our boxes:

  • No extra shopping required. Open your party box and start playing.
  • All props and instruction cards for these five games are included.
  • Even prizes for each game, and pens for each guest are included.
  • We also include a tie-breaker challenge in case of a Mexican stand-off.
  • All contents in every box is uniquely different.
  • All games can be played within smaller / inside areas – unless otherwise stated.
  • Our boxes cater for a range of group sizes.
  • Games are suitable for all age groups from 16+ years.
  • We have thought of everything, so you don't have to.
  • Save yourself hours of stress and planning.
  • Worldwide shipping. (within NZ, allow 3-5 business days)

Choose your box.  Select your group size.  Wait for your box of games and goodies to be delivered to your door.

If your guests don’t know each other – they certainly will by the end of the party!

Don’t judge a box by its cover, just check them out!