Life’s too short to be boring

By Party Games Box

It isn’t a hen’s party without some willy talk and we’ve got some exciting games in this awesome box to keep you entertained. You definitely won’t be bored showing your safe sex skills or figuring out where the willy goes. Balance out that naughtiness with some great riddles and a drawing challenge, then have a crack at testing your celebrity knowledge.


The hilarious games included in “Life’s too Short to be Boring” are:


  1. Match made in Heaven - Which celebrity couples have stayed together through thick and thin?
  2. Porn or Polish?  There are some hilarious name out there, but which is which?
  3. Drawing your Attention - Group activity to draw and guess the Wedding related words
  4. Going Bananas - Who paid attention in Sex ED?  You might have the upper hand in this banana related group game. 
  5. Chip off the Old Block - Just be silly and Pin the Willy


New Zealand $4.50 fixed rate, 
delivered within 4-5 working days.

Australia $9.50 fixed rate, 
delivered within 10-15 working days.

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